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Magazine Contract Publishing Industry

The magazine contract publishing industry in the United Kingdom is a dynamic and thriving sector that plays a significant role in the publishing landscape.


Some key points about the industry are:

  1. Definition: Magazine contract publishing, also known as custom publishing or content marketing, involves the creation and production of magazines or publications on behalf of brands, organizations, or clients. These magazines are tailored to specific audiences and serve as a platform for brand messaging, storytelling, and engaging with customers.

  2. Growth and Market Size: The contract publishing industry in the UK has experienced steady growth in recent years. It has evolved from simple brand brochures to sophisticated publications that rival mainstream magazines in terms of design, content quality, and readership. The industry contributes significantly to the overall publishing market in the UK.

  3. Diverse Client Base: Contract publishing serves a wide range of clients across various sectors. It caters to corporate clients, charities, government bodies, membership organizations, and more. Clients use contract publishing as a strategic tool to enhance brand visibility, communicate with stakeholders, and establish thought leadership.

  4. Content Strategy and Branding: Magazine contract publishers work closely with clients to develop content strategies aligned with their brand objectives. They focus on creating engaging and informative content that resonates with the target audience. This includes features, interviews, expert articles, lifestyle pieces, and other relevant topics that reinforce the client's brand messaging.

  5. Design and Production: The visual aspect of contract publishing is crucial for capturing readers' attention. Magazine contract publishers employ talented designers and production teams to ensure high-quality layouts, aesthetically pleasing designs, and captivating visuals. They also handle the entire production process, from printing to distribution.

  6. Distribution Channels: Contract magazines are distributed through a variety of channels. These may include direct mail, subscriptions, in-store distribution, digital platforms, and events. The choice of distribution channels depends on the target audience and client objectives.

  7. Expertise and Collaboration: Magazine contract publishers bring together a team of professionals with expertise in editorial, design, production, and marketing. Collaboration with clients is key to understanding their brand values, target audience, and desired outcomes. The relationship between the client and the publisher is often long-term and built on trust and shared goals.

  8. Measuring Success: Contract publishers employ various metrics to measure the success of their magazines. This can include readership figures, engagement rates, feedback from readers and clients, and tracking the impact on brand awareness, customer loyalty, and other key performance indicators.


The magazine contract publishing industry in the United Kingdom continues to evolve and adapt to the changing media landscape. It offers brands and organizations a powerful platform to connect with their audiences, build relationships, and showcase their expertise through high-quality publications.

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